We all know that a pantry is an annoying yet a delightful thing. On one hand, it houses all your delicious foods and treats, but before you know it, it gets messy and crowded. If clutter annoys you (and minimalism pleases you), here is how to properly organise your pantry:

1. No need to stock up with supermarket specials:

Buying 10 cans of tuna or four packets of pasta on special might seem like an economical buy, but overbuying food just creates more clutter. With that said, buying too much will lead you into not seeing what you actually have until it’s passed its expiry date.
Fact: Pantries get cluttered because we don’t really know what’s in them.

2. Baking ingredients to the left, spices to the right

Organise your pantry by type. We can’t stress that enough. Keep your baking ingredients on the one side and your cooking goods on the other.
You can place ‘like items’ together – grains together, flours together, beans together, jarred sauces etc. together.
Remember: Place all product labels to the front for a clear view and easy access.

3. Be storage smart

Decant cereals into plastic containers or food caddies. Square containers will allow you to fit more on a shelf.
You can also use small baskets to separate the food types/groups.
Do: Label your containers. That way you know what everything is and there’s no need to open your containers just to distinguish whether it’s salt or sugar.
Those dream pantries you see in magazines and on home decor shows aren’t as far out of reach as they seem.
Here we’ve made a dream into a reality:


The before and the after

Here’s the before photo of a cluttered and unorganised pantry before we started the project:

Once the project was completed we look inside a tidy and aesthetically pleasing pantry: 

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