Let us declutter, transform and organise your living spaces!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the clutter and unorganised spaces in your home, and just don’t know how or where to start?

As trained Professional Organisers we will declutter, transform and organise your living spaces.

We are non-judgmental and we respect our clients’ needs and personal belongings.

We guarantee a peace of mind, a clutter-free and organised living space, just see our results below! 

• We can guarantee to share our professional and expert advice.
• We guarantee that our products, are of top quality.
• We can guarantee that our work will be the best quality that we have to offer.

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We can assist you to get the following areas decluttered and organised:

  • Living Areas
  • Office Spaces
  • Storage Facilities
  • Garages
  • Kitchens and Laundry Areas
  • Pantries

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Still don't believe us?

Here is what our clients had to say...

They came, they saw, they decluttered, they organised and they conquered! What a pleasure. Didn’t think my kitchen could be transformed to that extend. Thank you Riaan and Jemaine, I feel lighter. 

Ilona Engela

Riaan and his team are absoultely amazing. Very hard working and they keep focus on the task at hand. I’ll definitely use them again. They are super friendly and very professional. Thank you guys.

Khensani Marivate

Thank you for all the help today. It was a fantastic experience!


You are just amazing! Never thought I could Sort out 2 Rooms in just 2 days! Money well spent!

Nanette Coetzee

Thank you so much for today!
The garage looks wonderful and the three of you are such lovely people.
Stay safe!

Elaine Meyer

Walle Declutter did a great job helping me finish moving and cleaning my old apartment. There is no job too big or too small for them

Theresa P

Thank you so much Riaan. I had a good time too, much better than doing it by myself and an awesome result that I’m so happy with!! Thank you for the pics!!

Tamzin Reynolds

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  • We will share some of our most valued tips and tricks, to make your life more functional.
  • We offer full support from day one, with all our services that we provide to our clients.
  • Share all your problem areas with us, we will find a solution.

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