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Less is more

Let us declutter, transform and organise all your living spaces.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the clutter and mess in your home, and just don’t know how or where to start? 
We are glad you found us, as we are trained Professional Organisers that can assist you to get your home organising needs satisfied and your clutter sorted. 

We consider ourselves to be experts in the field. We are non-judgmental and we respect our clients’ needs and personal belongings.


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Decluttering and organisation

We can assist you to get the following areas decluttered and organised:

  • Living Areas
  • Office Spaces
  • Storage Facilities
  • Garages
  • Kitchens and Laundry Areas
  • Pantries

Why hire a professional?

We understand how daunting the decluttering process feels when attempting to do it yourself & when you simply can’t manage to clear all the clutter. Our Professional Organisers are trained to assist you with getting through all the decluttering steps to ensure your home is turned into your sanctuary, clutter-free.

Our decluttering & organising methods are based on the fundamental idea that less is more. We don’t expect you to become or to be a minimalist but we would like to be part of your decluttering journey. We do so by taking a hands-on approach with you which means you won’t have to face the decluttering task alone. Having a hands-on approach allows us to undertake the decluttering process with you through compassion and an understanding of your personal needs. We do so by making recommendations, implementing functional systems that work for you and ask for your participation and guidance concerning belongings that need to be grouped under the famous decluttering categories of keep, donate and discard.

Our decluttering and organising methods have shown to be effective for several households that have made use of our services. (see client testimonials) It is through the process of decluttering your home that you can empower yourself to take control back of your life. Our decluttering and organising services extends to all areas of homes and commercial spaces. There is no task too big or too small for our team of Professional Organisers to assist you in getting your home organised.

In addition, we are associated with trusted, professional organisations if you wish to discard or donate unwanted items. At Walle Declutter we oversee this part of the process and won’t leave you stranded with all of the unwanted clutter. We promote the idea of giving back and that sometimes giving back to your immediate community is as simple as giving and we can attest that donating makes a tremendous difference in others’ lives. We work in association with Hotel of Hope Ministries, a non-profit organisation. They are a children’s and family charity. To see more of the work they are doing visit their Facebook page.

What are the benefits?

At Walle Declutter we believe it is important to add value to clients who suffer from distress or anxiety that is known to be associated with cluttered spaces and we, therefore, invite you to visit our blog – to find helpful tips and information on how less clutter results into more living.  We can attest that you will experience several benefits from undergoing the decluttering process with us. Some of the many benefits of decluttering your home are, joyful experiences, general relief, reduced stress, less anxiety, and it puts you back in control of your life.


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This is where it all starts

Book your free online consultation and take your first step to an organised home moving experience!

Leave us your details and one of our professional organisers will get in contact with you shortly.

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