Book an in-home Consultation


To have your space organised starts with a consultation to evaluate and agree on the space that requires organising.

How we work:

  • During the first consultation, We do a needs analysis of the area that needs to be decluttered or organised to assess your requirements and expectations.
  • Once all the needs are determined, we prepare a quotation.
  • Once you instruct us to carry out our services, the transformation begins. We prefer to work in teams of two to four professional organisers to expedite the process in a much shorter time.

We’ll help you ‘purge’ the ‘noise’ of too much ‘stuff’ to create a sense of order and joy in your home.

We can assist you with all your organising needs:

  • Organise and declutter your home
  • Luxury in-home organising
  • Home moving
  • Decluttering when someone you loved has passed away
  • Retiring and downscaling
  • Office decluttering
  • Training & Skills Development

The service-offering extends to all transitional phases of our lives.

Our service goes beyond mere decluttering and cleaning of spaces. Our aim at Walle is to build an enduring relationship to ensure ongoing maintenance of your environment. Thus, we offer tips, ideas, and suggested interventions during the process so that you can take control of your own space.