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Walle Declutter (Pty) Ltd
Registration number 2020 / 915663 / 07
Unit 145 The Village, Leeuwenhof Estate, 
Silverlakes Road, Shere 0081.
Dear Client,
Welcome to be blown away by our unique service offering that focuses on your need to get organised in a space you would like to proudly call home without the unnecessary clutter that takes the joy out of our everyday experiences.
Walle Declutter (Pty) Ltd is a professional organising company of which its core business functions are based on in-home organising and creating functional spaces for home and commercial spaces. No space is left out. We focus on getting all spaces organised and functional, whether your need is to have your kitchen, garage or storeroom organised. Additional services aligned to our unique service offering includes but are not limited to preparing relocations, downscaling, packing and unpacking of household content. We pride ourselves on being an organisation that focuses on a holistic approach to getting organised. We connect our clients with third parties who specialise in buying and selling unwanted items. WD also works with a network of non-profit organisations, charities that benefit from items identified by our clients to be donated. In this way, together with our valued clients we make a small but appreciated difference in our local communities.

Terms of service
A first consultation with our client is always required as we provide a personal service. We are invited into your personal space to make changes and implement systems to make your life more functional. We, therefore, discuss your needs, your approach to your home and the ideas you have that we might implement to get you both functional and comfortable in your home or office space. You are ultimately invited to participate in the process of decluttering and getting organised. Our professional organisers render our services for seven (7) hours a day and our initial quote is prepared based on the amount of micro and macro organising that were evaluated during the first consultation. Getting organised and functional are quoted per day with an initial estimation as to how long a project will take to be completed. In the event, that an additional day or days are required to complete the project a discussion will take place with our client to obtain the necessary consent to add additional days to complete the project. The service fee for additional days will be added to your account and will reflect on the final invoice that is
payable on the last day of organising.
Additional days required without consent
In the event where more days are required for the completion of the project, a WD representative will communicate this as a request to the client to obtain permission and provide valid reasons for the request. Should a client reject such a request for whatever reason and the project remains incomplete on the final day of organising the client will still be held liable for the remaining 30% balance outstanding of the invoice.
All prepared quotations are deemed accepted when a 70% deposit is made to the nominated bank account as reflected on our quotations. Proposed organising dates are communicated to clients from our client liaison officer once proof of payment is received or monies reflect in our bank account. A final email will be communicated to confirm organising dates that are agreed upon by the parties of the service offering. If a client needs to change dates due to unforeseen circumstance a notice of rescheduling of at least 48 hours is required. Should a client not adhere to our notice policy a penalty fee of R440.00 will apply for each day a project is delayed and the cost occurred will be added to your account for final payment once the project is completed. No penalty fee will apply when the change of organising dates are mutually agreed upon. Once a deposit of 70% is paid into the nominated bank account of Walle Declutter the service offering will be rendered but no refund of monies are permitted in the event of cancellation of the project for no valid reason.
Code of conduct
Walle Declutter and all its representatives strive to be accommodative to specific client needs and are trained to be sensitive, respectful and professional at all times and these values are entrenched in all our interactions with clients. Similar interactions are therefore expected at all times.
Outstanding accounts
The remaining 30% balance of a quotation is payable on the last day of organising.
Should the balance not be settled in time an added total of 3.5% interest will be applied to your account for every month outstanding. Should an account not be settled within thirty (30) days of the final invoice received the account will be handed over to our attorneys.

We trust that you will find our services to be outstanding. Thank you for taking the interest in working with our wonderful team. We look forward to getting you organised and functional.

Kind regards,

Riaan Saayman.
Managing Director

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This is where it all starts

Book your free online consultation and take your first step to an organised home moving experience!

Leave us your details and one of our professional organisers will get in contact with you shortly.

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